The races will be held right in the heart of the town, with all roads being closed so spectators can freely move around the circuit. The streets challenge riders skills, as they stream past at breathtaking speeds attempting to improve their position.


Spectators will be at the very heart of the race;

the atmosphere will be electric!!



There will be 4 races over the course of  the evening:

Enterprise Inns Circuit Championship (Cat 2, 3 & 4):

Duration: 40 mins - Start: 6.00pm

Highly talented amateur riders


Youth Race (Cat A):

Duration: 30 mins - Start: 6.55pm

Showcasing the UK’s future cycling talent


Women's Race (Cat 1, 2 & 3):

Duration: 30 mins - Start: 7.35pm



Elite Grand Prix (Cat 1, 2 & Elite):

Duration: 1hr  - Start: 8.15pm

The evening's highlight: Featuring the UK's top amateurs & Pro Cyclists


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Prime (pronounced preem)


During each race there are opportunities for riders to win cash prizes thanks to our Prime Sponsors.


The timing of Primes in each race will be decided by the Chief Judge and as the lead riders cross the line a horn will sound to signify that the  first rider over the line on the next lap wins the cash bonus.


This adds to the fast and fun nature of Criterium racing, as each event has a minimum of 2 primes.


So get ready when the horn  sounds to make some noise and cheer the riders on!!